Hoverfly Cloud just levelled up your API simulation game: unleash the power of dynamic data!

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May 16, 2024 8:47:20 AM
Hoverfly Cloud just levelled up your API simulation game: unleash the power of dynamic data!

At Hoverfly Cloud, we are excited to announce the rollout of several transformative features designed to significantly enhance the way development and testing teams operate across industries, with a special focus on the financial services and retail sectors. Our latest release introduces powerful capabilities that promise to streamline workflows, enhance accuracy, and foster innovation in API simulation.

Here's what's new:

  1. Generate Synthetic Mock Data

Understanding the need for robust data handling in today’s dynamic environments, we have introduced the capability to generate synthetic mock data.

  • Imagine crafting realistic mock data on the fly, perfectly tailored to your API simulation needs. Stop wrestling with static datasets – our new feature lets you create realistic and scalable datasets that mimic actual operational data without the risk of exposing sensitive information. Generate unique customer IDs, product information, transaction details, and more – all within Hoverfly Cloud. This allows you to simulate real-world data patterns and test your applications' ability to handle diverse inputs.

  • This is particularly valuable in the financial services industry, where protecting client data while ensuring the systems are tested under realistic conditions is paramount.
  1. Populate Mock Responses with CSV Lookup Data

Say goodbye to manual data entry! Hoverfly Cloud now allows users to populate mock responses directly from CSV files.

  • Need to simulate a range of account balances or product inventories? Simply link your CSV file, and Hoverfly Cloud will seamlessly integrate the data, saving you time and ensuring consistency.

  • This feature is a boon for retail applications where vast amounts of data, such as inventory lists or pricing models, are managed in CSV formats. By integrating CSV lookup data into API simulations, retail developers can effortlessly test changes in pricing, product availability, and seasonal adjustments without manual data entry, ensuring that their applications can handle real-world operations smoothly.
  1. Persist and Retrieve Values Across Service Calls

Ever craved a more interconnected simulation experience? Now you can! Our third major update, the ability to persist and retrieve values across service calls, is designed to enhance the testing of more complex workflows and transactions that span multiple API calls, allowing you to store and retrieve data values across multiple service calls within your simulation.

  • This is perfect for replicating real-world user journeys, where data carries over from one interaction to the next. Imagine simulating a shopping cart that persists across API calls, mimicking the user experience flawlessly.

  • This feature is especially crucial in environments like financial services, where transactions often involve multiple steps and stages that need to be accurately reproduced in a test environment. By simulating the persistence of data across multiple service calls, developers can ensure that their systems accurately handle processes such as multi-step banking transactions, from account creation to money transfers, with consistency and reliability.

Bringing it all together

These enhancements to Hoverfly Cloud are not just improvements—they are significant elements that enable development and testing teams to achieve higher standards of efficiency and accuracy.

We’re committed to providing you with the most powerful and versatile API simulation tools on the market. These new features empower you to build dynamic, data-driven simulations that elevate your development and testing processes.

Get started today and see the difference for yourself!