The foundational framework

Open source
API simulation

Hoverfly is the lightweight, open source API simulation code that Hoverfly Cloud is built on top of. Using Hoverfly, you can create realistic simulations of the APIs your application depends on.

It has no GUI and is typically used locally or within your own network and infrastructure, to:

  • Replace slow, flaky API dependencies with realistic, re-usable simulations
  • Simulate network latency, random failures or rate limits to test edge-cases
  • Extend and customize with any programming language
  • Export, share, edit and import API simulations
  • CLI and native language bindings for Java and Python
  • Lightweight, high-performance, run anywhere
  • Apache 2 license
Hoverfly OS-1

Prefer a cloud-based solution?

Hoverfly Cloud is the cloud-based platform that enables users to access and utilise Hoverfly's capabilities, without needing to manage the underlying infrastructure.

It is the ideal solution for teams looking for an API simulation tool that is easy-to-use, collaborative and scalable.

Model APIs with the built in editor
Manage running API simulations from a dashboard
Automate deployments using the API or CLI
Share Simulations within your team