Hoverfly is built and maintained by SpectoLabs with help from the open source community.

Contributions to the Hoverfly projects are welcome. To get involved, visit the repositories on GitHub, join the mailing list or the Gitter channel:


Benji Hooper benjih

Benji works mainly on the core Hoverfly project. He prefers working with Go, but will work with Java if he has to.

Andrew Morgan mogronalol

Andrew works mainly on the Hoverfly Java project. He also works on the Hoverfly core project - usually until he gets sick of typing “if err := nil”.

Tommy Situ tommysitu

Tommy works on the Hoverfly Java project and occasionally on the Hoverfly core project. He also likes building things with Angular 2.

Daniel Bryant danielbryantuk

Daniel does many things - including reviewing PRs, producing training material, writing articles and blog posts.

Shyal Beardsley shyal

Shyal looks after the HoverPy project. He prefers Python, but can turn his hand to most things.

Tom Cunliffe tjcunliffe

Tom does all the things that nobody else wants to do. Like documentation, websites and shell scripts.

John Davenport JohnFDavenport

John looks after the GitHub issues, mailing lists and Gitter channels - and generally keeps an eye on things.